Spawn #6 - Capa Todd McFarlane

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Image Comics

(W) Terry Fitzgerald & Todd McFarlane

(A/CA) Todd McFarlane


Lançamento 01/11/1992

Idioma: Inglês

Edição não acompanha bag and baord



"Payback!" Part 1 of 2. 1st appearance of Overtkill. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. Mafioso boss, Tony Twist, blames the new shadowy hero, Spawn, for the resent attacks on his men. Twist wants Spawn dead. Twist is a man who is used to getting what he wants. Enter: Overtkill, a cyborg killing machine who never fails. NOTE: Overtkill was created on an art training video featuring Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, and Rob Liefeld. When Lee came up with the name "Overkill," Liefeld and McFarlane, using only the name, and within a matter of minutes, came up with the basic design for the character that would soon be known as Overkill, a major villain in the Image Universe.

1st appearance of Overtkill

1st appearance of Tony Twist, a character named after a professional hockey player

*after a 10 year court battle that initially awarded Twist $24 million dollars but was reversed, the two parties ended up settling out of court for $5 million dollars

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