Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! 3

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Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! 3

Quadrinho importado e em Ingles

(W - Escritor)Chika Mizube

(A - Arte)Peperon

(CA - Arte da Capa)

Lancamento: 09 abril, 2024

Expectativa para o envio: 09 maio, 2024

Numero de Paginas: 176

Tipo de capa:

Sinopse: A fantasy romance about a voracious lady who delights in monster meat and a mad-blooded duke who is swept off his feet by her curious charms. If you loved Delicious in Dungeon and Drifting Dragons, you will be salivating for some grilled moodle and burning hot love in this series!After agreeing to Aristide's proposal, Melphiera is whisked off to Galbraith before winter settles in Marchalrayd. But first, a brief overnight detour to Fort Ritterd. Melphiera is excited about the opportunity to supplement the knights' porridge with a healthy dose of protein--from monsters, of course! Will she win over the hearts of the knights of Galbraith with her unusual cuisine? And will Aristide be able to keep himself from erupting with jealousy? Moreover, there's something troubling about the Duke...and there seems to be a connection to Melphiera's late mother?!Japanese romanized title: Akujiki Reijō to Kyōketsu Kōshaku: Sono Mamono, Watashi ga Oishiku Itadakimasu!

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