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Mad Cave Studios

Quadrinho importado e em Ingles

(W - Escritor)Alex Segura, Michael Moreci

(A - Arte)Geraldo Borges

(CA - Arte da Capa)Geraldo Borges

Lancamento: 25 setembro, 2024

Expectativa para o envio: 25 outubro, 2024

Numero de Paginas: 28

Tipo de capa: SOFTCOVER

Sinopse: THE HIGH-OCTANE FINALE TO THE FIRST DICK TRACY ADVENTURE! Dick Tracy's world is crumbling, and the iconic detective in yellow isn't sure where to turn or who to trust! As the City is engulfed in a vengeance-fueled gang war, Tracy must come to terms with a shocking betrayal--one that will turn his entire world upside down on the eve of his greatest battle and could cut down the hero and his friends before his career can get off the ground. Buckle up for the powerful conclusion to the first volume of Mad Cave's bestselling and acclaimed new series. We're just getting started!

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