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CSN Press

Quadrinho importado e em Ingles

(W - Escritor)Various

(A - Arte)Various

(CA - Arte da Capa)

Lancamento: 04 setembro, 2024

Expectativa para o envio: 04 outubro, 2024

Numero de Paginas: 8

Tipo de capa: SOFTCOVER

Sinopse: New design, exclusive content and a wider variety of pre-orders & products covered each week. At pennies an issue, it’s the least expensive way to get new customers in the door, grow your sales and keep folks coming back every Wednesday. Stamp your store name in the paper and drop extras off around town to attract new customers. Use CSN instead of a bag to encourage more sales from existing customers. You can even charge customers for a copy and cover all your costs. Try the new CSN for a month and see the results. It’s marketing for your store that actually works.

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