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DC Comics

Quadrinho importado e em Ingles

(W - Escritor)Mark Waid

(A - Arte)Dan Mora

(CA - Arte da Capa)Dan Mora

Lancamento: 04 setembro, 2024

Expectativa para o envio: 04 outubro, 2024

Numero de Paginas: 40

Tipo de capa: SOFTCOVER

Sinopse: THE LAST STAND OF PARADISE ISLAND! Our heroes are on the run following the Trinity of Evil's devastating attack on the fortress of Solitude! With Superman's headquarters in ruin and the super-powers on planet earth in the clutches of Amanda Waller, Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen...is this the end of the line? No way--the resistance lives on! Using fortress technology cobbled together by Mr. Terrific and the Atom, Earth's last hope have retreated to Themyscira, home to Wonder Woman and famously suspicious of outsiders. Can Superman, Batman and the rest of the depowered heroes strike an alliance with these elite Amazonian fighters? All this, and a mad mayday from Barry Allen as DC's war for ABSOLUTE POWER rages on!

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